Mixmate Pro

Take mix customization to the next level.

There’s a lot going on when it comes to chemical mixing. Multiple products in various formats all coming together at once can be complicated. The Mixmate Pro builds on the Fusion foundation to streamline the mixing of even more products in one high-quality inductor.

Key Features
  • Full stainless steel design
  • Includes Mixmate Fusion’s popular features, such as the patented jug rinsing process
  • Lid open/close automatically triggers software to step forward in the mixing process
  • Up to five valves can connect bulk products for measuring by weight
  • Can handle high voltage pumps (for example, 5-10 HP electric pumps)
  • Two flowmeter inputs
  • CANBUS connections for external valves
  • Versatility to meet your operation’s needs
Common Configurations

Mixmate Pro inductor + six-input double flow stack