Praxidyn Mixmates

They say necessity is the mother of all invention.

For Paxidyn, that certainly holds true. Their Mixmate system was borne from the needs of a fourth generation family farm, and it’s now available to streamline and speed up the chemical mixing process on your farm, too.

Mixmates are a customizable, modular mixing system with an Android app that allows mixing to happen faster than ever, without the risk of making errors. Automated record keeping builds in efficiency and helps manage inventory.

Mixmate System

Mixmate: a customized, modular product including an inductor, scales, valves, and flowmeters.

Chemical Inductors: measuring and mixing is seamless and speedy through patent-pending jug processing that removes the need for separate containers for measuring. The best-selling inductors are the Mixmate Fusion Inductor and the Mixmate Pro Inductor.

Mixmate App: an Android application that controls the Mixmate hardware and provides automatic data collection. A bar graph tracks product target and actual amounts by name, and prompts operators to add product as needed.

Intersect Cloud Service: the connection between the Mixmate app and the office to provide reporting, secure data backup, and work order creation features.

Top Selling Mixmates

Mixmate Fusion

The Fusion is a compact inductor designed for jug and dry product while taking up very little space on tender trailers. It’s a combination of an inductor, a flowmeter, and a stack of valves to measure bulk products.

  • Compact and economical design
  • Stainless steel design for low maintenance and longevity
  • Plastic inductor measures everything in one unit
  • High flow rate rinsing system excels at handling dry products
Mixmate Pro

The Pro maximizes flexibility and customize-ability with five chemical input valves that deliver prescription-ordered products through the inductor.

  • Electrical connector on each valve controls a 12-volt pump
  • Large quantities aren’t a problem for multiple automatic inductor fills
  • One of the highest accuracy measurement options, with no calibration required
  • Stainless steel frame and housing minimizes maintenance