Mixmate Fusion

For everyday mixing needs.

The product you put in your applicator is precious – and expensive. Make the most of every drop by automating the measuring and mixing process with the compact and economical Mixmate Fusion. The Fusion is a plastic inductor with a high flow rate rinse system to handle liquid and dry product.

Key Features
  • Handles up to three bulk chemicals, measured with a gear-type flow meter
  • Poly-inductor tank for processing jugs and dry product
  • Patented jug rinsing process delivers speed and accuracy
  • Built-in nozzle for emptying and rinsing with both air and water
  • Continuous flow mode makes mixing and transport of dry products easy
  • Low-maintenance stainless steel frame
  • Compact design, utilizing less than six square feet
  • Easy, multi-directional plumbing
  • Versatility to meet your operation’s needs
Common Configurations

Mixmate fusion inductor + three-input flow stack